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New friends in Uganda

Have you thought more about what you would like to include in your letter to your Ugandan pen-pal?  How about sending along a recipe of your favourite Christmas food?  Do you have  a picture of yourself that you would like to send along with your letter?

What do you already know about life in Uganda?

Do some research (click here ) and come prepared to tell the class the following (for a prize):

  • What is the most popular sport in Uganda?
  • What are the two official languages?
  • How do you say “Hello” in Swahili (this may help you)?
  • What is the capital city of Uganda, and which lake is it near?

The children you will be writing attend a school run by Shine Uganda Ministries.  Many of these children are orphans or come from impoverished families.  Even though their circumstances are very different from ours, in many ways, they are just “normal” kids.  They like hanging out with their friends, laughing, playing, and doing  a lot of the same things the kids in Grade 6E enjoy…



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Your stories were a hit with the grade one class!


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Dissecting Crayfish

Who had fun in Science class this past Thursday?  Certainly not the crustaceans!

Comment on the most interesting thing you learned (or smelled) during this class.


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Children’s books

I enjoyed reading your books this past weekend.  Here is a sample of what I read:

My eyes were immediately drawn to Josie’s t-shirt in this illustration.

I’m trying to imagine how the author will read this story to his kindergarten buddy. Yikes!!

Great perspective (from the back of the principal’s chair) in this illustration.

I felt like I was stepping back a century when I read through this book.

Here is another one inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The author provided an amazing amount of detail in the text; I didn’t know where to start photographing… so I just zoomed in on my favourite picture.

Look at the students bursting through the doors! I was very impressed by the author’s savvy use of dialogue throughout this book.

Keep the books coming, Grade Six.  Today is your deadline!!


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Welcome to the Learner’s Cafe!

  • Group 1:    Independent Reading/Razz kids
  • Group 2:    Writing
  • Group 3:    Partner Reading
  • Group 4:    Current Events/other
  • Group 5:    Teacher conference
  • Group 6:    Follow-up from teacher conference


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Setting off for the Arabian Peninsula

Last month we learned about West and Central Africa, now fasten your seat belts because we’re taking off again.  This time we are headed for the Arabian Peninsula…

Click HERE if you are hungry for a camel burger, (or to find out more before you decide).  Leave a comment below to tell me which menu item sounds the tastiest!

Also, there will be a rip-roaring contest on Friday afternoon.  You can get ready for it and practise your mapping skills HERE.  On Friday you will have  a chance to show off your skills to the rest of the class!

-Mrs. Reed


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Nature Mosaics

Today I want to showcase some of your art.  I had a hard time limiting the selection to only four pieces!  I love each of these mosaics for different reasons and I’d like to hear what the rest of the class thinks too.  I’m sure the artists would also appreciate your critiques.  Is there a certain aspect you like about one of these mosaics?  Leave your (positive) opinions in the comments.



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