Hello Grade Six!

Welcome to your blog! How do you like it?

This is the very first post of many more to come.  We look forward to sharing notes and stories and letting you show-off your work here!  Check back often to see who, or what, is being featured.  Also, do not forget to check the Important Dates column on the right hand side.  You and your parents can check this blog every night to stay updated.  Don’t be afraid to leave comments either.

Cheers to our class and our blog!

Ms. Cochrane and Mrs. Reed

PS.  The blog title and address have officially been selected by you, the students of the grade six class.  Be sure to bookmark this address or add it to your favourites:  www.saintmikesgradesix.wordpress.com



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33 responses to “Hello Grade Six!

  1. Susan Cochrane

    Yay! I am so excited about our blog! I can’t wait to read all your work and the comments too!

    Ms. Cochrane

  2. Susan Cochrane

    I love those mosaics! I appreciate the beautiful colours you used! Great work grade six!

  3. ipodcrazy

    2 days till my bday i cant wait! the treat is awesome

  4. Dantroper101

    Mrs.Reed a camel burger

  5. sthloz1

    Hi everybody
    I dont know what to type about

  6. ipodcrazy

    awesome idea:)

  7. dancer4eva

    question… what is the most important thing in the IMPORTANT DATES COLUMN that we were talking about today????

  8. rayray321

    ya ive tasted them before i dont like them very much

  9. dancer4eva

    are we already supposed to know what our groups are

  10. sthloz1

    No your not. This is stuff from a classroom at a school

  11. bobbertmermaid

    i really like the illustrations of the childrens stories! 😉

  12. bebs5

    i love this thanks mrs reed and mrs cochrane

  13. bobbertmermaid

    yay my birthday is in 12 days and on halloween its 11 ;p

  14. Mom

    Love the blogs and pix! Did a double take when I first saw your name, Mrs. Reed. 🙂 I believe that you have some up and coming authors and illustrators in that class.

  15. sthloz1

    Whos mom is ‘Mom’?

  16. Mrs. Cottenie

    Wow grade 6. This is all very exciting and your children’s books are awesome.

  17. dancer4eva

    thank Mrs. Cottenie!

  18. bebs5

    i hope the uganda letters go well because it will mean so much to the kids there in uganda because they dont have as much as us so lets get them done and in on the due date:)

  19. puppielover6

    u r allowed to send more than your letter right?

  20. dancer4eva

    do we have to have our good copy done for the test by wednesday???

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