Nature Mosaics

Today I want to showcase some of your art.  I had a hard time limiting the selection to only four pieces!  I love each of these mosaics for different reasons and I’d like to hear what the rest of the class thinks too.  I’m sure the artists would also appreciate your critiques.  Is there a certain aspect you like about one of these mosaics?  Leave your (positive) opinions in the comments.




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9 responses to “Nature Mosaics

  1. ipodcrazy

    awesome mosaics!

  2. Mrs Schrader

    Fantastic Artwork Grade 6!! Keep up the great work.

  3. sthloz1

    Why is my chin in my mosaic?

  4. sthloz1

    When ever someone takes a picture of my work, my chin is always in it

  5. Dantroper101

    these mosaics rock.I like the colors

  6. rayray321

    they look amazing

  7. bobbertmermaid

    u guys in the pics those mosaics are amazing

  8. sthloz1

    Nice mosaics, friends

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