Setting off for the Arabian Peninsula

Last month we learned about West and Central Africa, now fasten your seat belts because we’re taking off again.  This time we are headed for the Arabian Peninsula…

Click HERE if you are hungry for a camel burger, (or to find out more before you decide).  Leave a comment below to tell me which menu item sounds the tastiest!

Also, there will be a rip-roaring contest on Friday afternoon.  You can get ready for it and practise your mapping skills HERE.  On Friday you will have  a chance to show off your skills to the rest of the class!

-Mrs. Reed



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14 responses to “Setting off for the Arabian Peninsula

  1. Dantroper101

    Mrs.Reed i dont like camel burgers.

  2. ipodcrazy

    id try the camel milk if i had 2

  3. Rayray321

    I don’t really like them Esther
    Ray ray 321

  4. Rayray321

    That is kind of scary
    Ray ray321

  5. bobbertmermaid

    why id try it 2

  6. Soccerstar0207

    I want to try shawarma with pita bread

  7. sthloz1

    You want to try what?

  8. goku500

    I would like to try a camel burger

  9. iPodcrazy

    No really dantorper101 I would try the milk

  10. Verdell Jaskolski

    i really love the taste of camel milk and it is nutritious too.;

    Our personal homepage
    <a href="

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