Children’s books

I enjoyed reading your books this past weekend.  Here is a sample of what I read:

My eyes were immediately drawn to Josie’s t-shirt in this illustration.

I’m trying to imagine how the author will read this story to his kindergarten buddy. Yikes!!

Great perspective (from the back of the principal’s chair) in this illustration.

I felt like I was stepping back a century when I read through this book.

Here is another one inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The author provided an amazing amount of detail in the text; I didn’t know where to start photographing… so I just zoomed in on my favourite picture.

Look at the students bursting through the doors! I was very impressed by the author’s savvy use of dialogue throughout this book.

Keep the books coming, Grade Six.  Today is your deadline!!



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6 responses to “Children’s books

  1. sthloz1

    Great job! Nice stories

  2. Soccerstar0207

    ya these stories are awesome! cant wait to read them on friday!

  3. Soccerstar0207

    whos book was the one about the finger

  4. sthloz1

    Yeah whos was that? Id like to read that one

  5. bobbertmermaid

    i thot that one would scare the grade oners

  6. iPodcrazy

    Ya but those are great stories

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