Dissecting Crayfish

Who had fun in Science class this past Thursday?  Certainly not the crustaceans!

Comment on the most interesting thing you learned (or smelled) during this class.



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12 responses to “Dissecting Crayfish

  1. bobbertmermaid

    the crayfish smelled really weird but it was a fun experience

  2. Soccerstar0207

    it was awesome even tough i forgot to bring melted butter

  3. goku500

    man that was great and aswome and fun

  4. footballgirl

    that was so much fun cant wait till next year when we dissect frogs!
    when we were finished our crayfish was demolished.

  5. iPodcrazy

    Guess who’s was in bits except the brain. In grade 8 we dissect a cows eyeball

  6. sthloz1

    what!? cool!

  7. sthloz1

    Was it PeterMansbridge’s?

  8. sthloz1

    Was it PeterMansbridge’s crayfish that was in pieces?

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