New friends in Uganda

Have you thought more about what you would like to include in your letter to your Ugandan pen-pal?  How about sending along a recipe of your favourite Christmas food?  Do you have  a picture of yourself that you would like to send along with your letter?

What do you already know about life in Uganda?

Do some research (click here ) and come prepared to tell the class the following (for a prize):

  • What is the most popular sport in Uganda?
  • What are the two official languages?
  • How do you say “Hello” in Swahili (this may help you)?
  • What is the capital city of Uganda, and which lake is it near?

The children you will be writing attend a school run by Shine Uganda Ministries.  Many of these children are orphans or come from impoverished families.  Even though their circumstances are very different from ours, in many ways, they are just “normal” kids.  They like hanging out with their friends, laughing, playing, and doing  a lot of the same things the kids in Grade 6E enjoy…



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7 responses to “New friends in Uganda

  1. goku500

    bet this will be asome

  2. sthloz1

    I would really like to try this! ive never done it before but i bet it will be fun

  3. iPodcrazy

    Sweet I can’t wait

  4. sportssuperstar

    my guy is older than me AWSOME!!!!

  5. puppielover6

    i want to see what my girl looks like.when do we get the letters from the

  6. puppielover6

    them i mean

  7. rayray321

    when r they getting our letters?

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