How to serve a volleyball

If you had to teach someone (who had never touched a volleyball before) how to serve, what would you tell them?  Leave your tips in the comments.



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9 responses to “How to serve a volleyball

  1. sthloz1

    Who ever has never touched a volleyball ever apparently doesnt like volleyball so why would you want to teach them?

  2. bobbertmermaid

    you would hold the ball on the hand you dont write with and swing the other hand straight under and hit the ball not on your hand but a little above your wrist and keep trying to do that you would get the hang of it

  3. PeterMansbridge

    I would tell them to just hit the ball as hard as you can!

  4. iPodcrazy

    Don’t hit with ur knuckles or palms

  5. sthloz1

    juust close your eyes, throw it and see where it goes

  6. iPodcrazy


  7. bobbertmermaid

    i actually tried that once when i was like 4 it didnt go very well

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