It’s the weekend!

Happy Friday!  If you didn’t get your essay (about what you are interested in) finished during class, enjoy writing it over the weekend!

This pumpkin was carved by a very talented student in your class. (Hint: he sits in the middle row, has dark hair, and his last name starts with a Q.)




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12 responses to “It’s the weekend!

  1. iPodcrazy

    I know who great job

  2. bobbertmermaid

    ya he sits behind me and that pumkin was extremely awesome:)

  3. sthloz1

    cool pumpkin

  4. Dancer_Girl

    He sits in the second row

  5. me


  6. footballgirl

    awesome pumpkin how did u carve it so well? oh and its a cat right!?!

  7. rayray321

    did you get any help with your awesome carving?

  8. dancer4eva

    is ther a way to change your little colorful square that comes up beside your comment??????????

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