Setting Goals for the Whole Person

Each week we are going to reflect about who we want to become.  Are you experiencing difficulties with friends, your health, your school work, or your relationship with God?  Would you like to improve and grow in any of these areas?  What are small steps you can take to tackle some of the obstacles standing in your way to becoming who you want to be, and how you want to grow in any of these areas?  We will check back in a week’s time to see how we have progressed towards our goals.

Think about where you would like to be physically…




PS.  Sixth graders aren’t the only ones who need to practise goal-setting; so do adults.  Be sure to ask me what goals I have and check up on my progress!

Mrs. Reed



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6 responses to “Setting Goals for the Whole Person

  1. sthloz1

    My goal isnt going very well. I need help from all of you but the way to help you must figure out yourself

  2. iPodcrazy

    What is it. I already did mine we won 8-0!

  3. sthloz1

    Check on my desk. It might have gone well

  4. Soccerstar0207

    i completed my goal

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