Drama: Object Empathy

Who knew you would make such good fingernails (scraping across a blackboard), old library books (waiting to be lifted from the shelf), tubes of toothpaste (being squeezed), etc?

On Wednesday, we learned how hard life can get for a permanent marker,

…and we watched with a mix of wonder and fear when this twist cap flew off a bottle of pop!

What made their performances so funny, interesting and entertaining?  Please comment.

PS.  I only posted pictures of these students because their faces were not recognizable in the photos.  Your parents can sign a permission slip if you/they are comfortable full-face photos.  I will never attach names to the pictures.



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6 responses to “Drama: Object Empathy

  1. sthloz1

    Why wasnt my picture on there?

  2. Soccerstar0207

    twisty twisty twisty twisty

  3. sportssuperstar

    WHERES ME!!!!!!!

  4. bobbertmermaid

    im glad mines not up there cause i was a dentists drill going into someones mouth

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