Are you Ready for a Challenge?

If so, read on…

And I do mean, READ ON!

I, Mrs. Reed, hereby challenge the Grade 6E class to read 120 (or more) chapter books by the Christmas break.  This means that each of you will need to read at least four books.  Are you up for this?  In any case, the only answer I will accept is “yes”!

Each of you will be rewarded for your efforts.  Read the following quote to find out how:

“Reading is a university course in life; it makes us smarter by increasing our vocabulary and background knowledge of countless topics.  Reading allows us to travel to destinations that we will never experience outside of the pages of a book.  Reading is a great way to find friends who have the same problems as we do and who can give advice on solving those problems.  Through reading we can witness all that is noble, beautiful, or horrifying about other human beings.  From a book’s characters we can learn how to conduct ourselves.  And most of all, reading is a communal act that connects you to other readers, comrades who have traveled to the same remarkable places that you have and been changed by them too.”  (The book Whisperer, by Donalyn Miller)

More details to be shared in class…



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9 responses to “Are you Ready for a Challenge?

  1. Dancer_Girl

    For a second I thought u meant 120 books each or more!!!

  2. sthloz1

    I accept thy challenge

  3. puppielover6

    can i count the book i am reading right know for my 1st book evan if i am almost done it?or no

  4. Soccerstar0207

    ya meh too

  5. iPodcrazy

    I started a book with 391 pages and now I’m done it so I have read 2 books

  6. sthloz1

    Who would i put as the author 4 a book in the bible?

  7. bobbertmermaid

    put the name of what part it is like mark…. ya

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