Wow.  I just read through your writing.  You blew my socks off!  I would love to type out everyone’s work here, but I only have time to publish a few excerpts.  Keep up the great work, and check out all the verbs below!

“…Water slowly drips off my chin as I prepare to charge off the bright blue diving board.  I slowly accelerate my speed and I jump off the very tip of the diving board.  The water sparkles below me as the cool air brushes my hair.  I point my hands at the deep blue water as I gain speed.  I penetrate the layer of water like a knife cutting butter…”

Image Source : Bing/Google/Flickr Images. Image's trademark is the property of the trademark owners.

Image Source : Bing/Google/Flickr Images.


“My imagination twisting and winding…I grab my sketch book and I start curving and moving my hand.  I start to see a face…”

photo from shutterstock

“I love the feeling of smoothly strumming the strings.

  Also my hand clutching the neck, those fingers sore from pressing on the strings.

Then switching fret to fret, string to string.

The sweet sound of music fills the air.”



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7 responses to “Slowing…Down…the…Action

  1. Soccerstar0207

    mrs. reed are those some people in our classes`

  2. iPodcrazy

    Cool. Those r awesome

  3. sportssuperstar

    test test tset 1 2

  4. sportssuperstar

    allll good

  5. bobbertmermaid

    when i look at everybody elses slowing down the action i think about how much better they r than mine

  6. iPodcrazy

    Bobbertmermaid I’m sure yours is awesome too

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