How much did you read tonight?

It has been fun to meet your parents these last two nights… One of the questions that came up often in the interviews was:  “I am wondering about my child’s homework?  Every night I ask her if she has homework and she says, ‘No.’  Is it really true–that they have no homework? ”

And then, guess what Ms. Cochrane and I said?

Yes, you know.

“If they are not studying for a test, or behind in their class work, there is still something they need to do every night…”


-Mrs. Reed

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”
― George R.R. Martin



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7 responses to “How much did you read tonight?

  1. Soccerstar0207

    i read for about 45 mins or more

  2. rayray321

    i read for about a hour

  3. bobbertmermaid

    i read 4 an hour and a half

  4. bobbertmermaid

    mrs reed whats your email again i want to send you my poem

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