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Drama: Object Empathy

Who knew you would make such good fingernails (scraping across a blackboard), old library books (waiting to be lifted from the shelf), tubes of toothpaste (being squeezed), etc?

On Wednesday, we learned how hard life can get for a permanent marker,

…and we watched with a mix of wonder and fear when this twist cap flew off a bottle of pop!

What made their performances so funny, interesting and entertaining?  Please comment.

PS.  I only posted pictures of these students because their faces were not recognizable in the photos.  Your parents can sign a permission slip if you/they are comfortable full-face photos.  I will never attach names to the pictures.



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Passionate Essays

Parents, have you taken a look at your child’s writing and what they are interested in?  I am learning a lot about your children!  Please take a moment to look at their corrected essay and the rubric with the mark on it.  I will be looking at their agendas tomorrow to check for parent initials.


Mrs. Reed

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Setting Goals for the Whole Person

Each week we are going to reflect about who we want to become.  Are you experiencing difficulties with friends, your health, your school work, or your relationship with God?  Would you like to improve and grow in any of these areas?  What are small steps you can take to tackle some of the obstacles standing in your way to becoming who you want to be, and how you want to grow in any of these areas?  We will check back in a week’s time to see how we have progressed towards our goals.

Think about where you would like to be physically…




PS.  Sixth graders aren’t the only ones who need to practise goal-setting; so do adults.  Be sure to ask me what goals I have and check up on my progress!

Mrs. Reed


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Format for letter to Uganda

November ____, 2012

Dear _____________ ,

Merry Christmas!  I hope this letter finds you well.  My name is Sam and I am excited to get to know you and share more about myself.

I am 11 years old…  (Give information about yourself in this paragraph)

I live in the province of Saskatchewan, in the middle of Canada.   (Write about where you live, what the town is like, the weather, what people do for a living, geography…)

Christmas is a special holiday for my family.  (Explain why…)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  (Ask some questions about where they live and what their life is like, their interests, etc)

Close the letter with anything else you would like to add.



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It’s the weekend!

Happy Friday!  If you didn’t get your essay (about what you are interested in) finished during class, enjoy writing it over the weekend!

This pumpkin was carved by a very talented student in your class. (Hint: he sits in the middle row, has dark hair, and his last name starts with a Q.)



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How to serve a volleyball

If you had to teach someone (who had never touched a volleyball before) how to serve, what would you tell them?  Leave your tips in the comments.


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