Brazil, Here We Come…

Can you imagine how your life would be different if you were born on the other side of the world (and stayed there)?  For example, who would you be if you lived in  Brazil?  What kind of clothes would hang in your closet?  Would you have the same personality?  I know I feel like I am a slightly different person when I speak in Spanish.  This is because  our surroundings, and the language we use, influence how we think and behave.

The next time you push through the heavy school doors, and the cold wind takes your breath away, think about Brazil.  Perhaps if you picture yourself on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, or floating down the Amazon river, you won’t feel the bite in the weather…

Ipanema Beach; photo from

These links may help your imagination:

  • Capoeira is a unique Brazilian dance that incorporates the martial arts.  The first video is more showy; the second video has better music and sound quality and also shows the two dancers interacting.

On Friday, December 14, we will have a woman from Brazil visit our classroom.  You can start thinking of questions for her…



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2 responses to “Brazil, Here We Come…

  1. iPodcrazy

    I can’t wait!!

  2. how many people are going to come

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