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Lesson 14 Spelling test Feb 7

brawny laundry taught paused autumn awning awesome launched astronauts squawking drawback exhausted saucepan automatically dinosaur authentic withdrawal thesaurus precautions applause
synonyms antonyms homonyms


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Lesson 13 Spelling Jan. 29

borrower doughnut although poultry bowling fallow mistletoe yellow growth approaches boulders stowaway thoroughly cocoa aboe bungalow tiptoed rowboat cantaloupe shoulders

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January Book Report

Grade 6 Mrs. Cottenie

Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction Novel

Due Feb. 8, 2013

Due dates

  • choose book Jan. 3-8
  • Read book at home and spare time Jan. 3-25 (plan your reading time, if your book is 300 pages long – you should read about 20 pages a day.)
  • Jan. 26- Feb 5 Work on written report/proofread
  • Due date  Feb. 8, 2013

This month you have a report to write about your book.  To do your report, you will need to read your book and do some research on the actual event that the book is about.  Your report will include:

  1.  A title page
  2. A written report of a minimum of 5 paragraphs
  3. A bibliography

In your written report, your first paragraph (or two) will be a summary of the main characters and events in your novel.

For the following 3 paragraphs, you must ask 3 questions that you have about the actual event and you will answer those 3 questions in paragraphs.  One question answer per paragraph.  This may require some research so don’t leave this until the night before it is due.  Look at the library for information ahead of time or on the internet.

The final paragraph will be your opinion of the book.  What you enjoyed and why or why not- give good explanations with reasons.

Your project will be marked on:

Title page – 10 points, ask yourself:  is my title page attractive?  Are my letters well spaced?  Is the title of the book, the name of the author as well as my name on the page?

Content- 30 points, Ask yourself: Is all of the above criteria answered?  Do I have 5 complete paragraphs?  Is my spelling corrected? Did someone proof read my work?

Bibliography – 10 points: ask yourself did I follow the steps outlined on the attached sheet and sample- a bibliography is a list of books and sites you used to get information for your report. You write them down at the end of your report.

One Bonus mark for handing it in 1 day early.

Writing a Bibliography


  •   A bibliography is a list of books and sources found at the end of a   book or research paper.
  •   This list tells the reader about other books/sources written on the   same topic or names

the books/sources   used by the author (you) for his/her research.

  •   You always write ideas in your own words but the bibliography shows   you where

the information came from .

  •   There are several styles of bibliography and each style has specific   rules.

  1. The title BIBLIOGRAPHY should be centered at the top of the page.
  2. The books/sources should be listed alphabetically according to the author’s last name.

If no author is given, list by   title.  Do not number.

  1. There should be 1” to 1 ½” margins on both sides of the page and at the top and bottom of the page.
  2. The first line of a bibliography entry starts at the left-hand margin.

The second, third, and any consecutive lines   are indented six spaces.

  1. For books, first write the  author’s last name, then a comma, then first name, then a period.

Next, write the title of the book and   underline it with a ruler.

Put a period after the title.

Write the name of the place where the   book was published, then put a colon (:).

Next, write the name of the company which   published the book,

a comma, and then the date of   publication.  Put a period at the end.

  1. Skip a line between each entry.
  2. Encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, CD-ROM’s, and the Internet

are all a little different, so check the examples below to see the format.




Beasant, Pam.  The   Unexplained.  Toronto:  Collins Sons and Co., 2011.

“Bigfoot.”  Grolier   Multimedia Encyclopedia.  1990 Ed.

Cohen, Daniel. “Bigfoot.” The World   Book Encyclopedia. 1998 Ed., Vol. 2,
p. 298.

Ellis, William S. “Loch Ness: The Lake   and the Legend.” National Geographic. June, 1977,
pp. 759-779.

Evslin, Bernard, et. al. Heroes   and Monsters of Greek Myth.  Toronto: Scholastic Inc., 1967.

Garner, Betty Sanders.  Canada’s   Monsters.  Owen Sound, Ont.:  Potlatch Publications, 1976.

Roivin, Jeff.  The   Encyclopedia of Monsters.  New York:  Facts on File Inc., 2008.

Welch, Ollie. “Bigfoot: A Unique Northwest   Mystery.” July 24, 2011. Online.


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Spelling lesson 11 test on January 18

1.  athlete  2. proceed  3. delete  4.  extreme  5. repeated  6.  esteem  7.  reasonable  8. revealed  9.  complete

10.  greasy  11.   achieved  12.  squeezed  13.  delivery  14.  trolley  15.  ecology  16.  nieces  17.  concealed

18.  guaranteed  19.  believable  20.  succeeded

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January Update


The Three Amigas

Happy New Year! I’m very excited to be teaching your child this year. This is just a quick update as to what is coming up in the next few weeks.

We are back in the swing of things in Grade 6 and just wanted to keep you updated as to what is going on in grade 6 as the pace is quite fast.

* downhill ski trip forms for grade 6 students were distributed before the Christmas break and are due back Friday, January 11 – trip date is January 17 to Asessippi Ski Hill

* One Book One School program is in progress for the month of January – be sure to follow the reading schedule sent home with your youngest child on Thursday, January 3 – family literacy night as a finale to this program is on January 31 — Jan. 7 – chapter 4, Jan. 8 – chapter 5, Jan.9 – chapter 6, Jan. 10 – chapter 7

* Math test is Friday, Jan. 11

* Thursday Jan. 10 is early dismissal

* Dress for Cross Country skiing for Phys. Ed classes for Jan 8- 18. Dress appropriately with long socks, snow pants, mitts, and toque

* students chose a new book for book report due Feb. 8

* The book report outline is on our blog as well as all future reminders –

* We will be going curling on Jan. 16

* Your Journey writing assignment is due on Thursday or Friday Jan11

* New Spelling Lessons are on day 2 and spelling test day and assignment is always on due day 6. This week the test day is on Friday. Jan. 11

Spelling Lesson 10

1. Searching

2. Appeared

3. Millionaire

4. Silverware

5. Compared

6. Stairway

7. Earthenware

8. Carefully

9. Barely

10. Square

11. Gears

12. Earning

13. Unfairly

14. Unaware

15. Earrings

16. Earnest

17. Research

18. Despair

19. Questionnaire

20. Rehearsal

21. hyperthermia

If you have an questions or concerns you can reach me by email or call the school.


Mrs. Karen Cottenie

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