January Update


The Three Amigas

Happy New Year! I’m very excited to be teaching your child this year. This is just a quick update as to what is coming up in the next few weeks.

We are back in the swing of things in Grade 6 and just wanted to keep you updated as to what is going on in grade 6 as the pace is quite fast.

* downhill ski trip forms for grade 6 students were distributed before the Christmas break and are due back Friday, January 11 – trip date is January 17 to Asessippi Ski Hill

* One Book One School program is in progress for the month of January – be sure to follow the reading schedule sent home with your youngest child on Thursday, January 3 – family literacy night as a finale to this program is on January 31 — Jan. 7 – chapter 4, Jan. 8 – chapter 5, Jan.9 – chapter 6, Jan. 10 – chapter 7

* Math test is Friday, Jan. 11

* Thursday Jan. 10 is early dismissal

* Dress for Cross Country skiing for Phys. Ed classes for Jan 8- 18. Dress appropriately with long socks, snow pants, mitts, and toque

* students chose a new book for book report due Feb. 8

* The book report outline is on our blog as well as all future reminders – www.saintmikesgradesix.wordpress.com

* We will be going curling on Jan. 16

* Your Journey writing assignment is due on Thursday or Friday Jan11

* New Spelling Lessons are on day 2 and spelling test day and assignment is always on due day 6. This week the test day is on Friday. Jan. 11

Spelling Lesson 10

1. Searching

2. Appeared

3. Millionaire

4. Silverware

5. Compared

6. Stairway

7. Earthenware

8. Carefully

9. Barely

10. Square

11. Gears

12. Earning

13. Unfairly

14. Unaware

15. Earrings

16. Earnest

17. Research

18. Despair

19. Questionnaire

20. Rehearsal

21. hyperthermia

If you have an questions or concerns you can reach me by email or call the school.


Mrs. Karen Cottenie


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  1. Dancer_Girl

    Are you putting the book report assignment on the blog?

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