Adjudication for Oratory Competition

Assessment Scale 1 – 5
1 – Inadequate
2 – Developing
3 – Adequate
4 – Effective
5 – Impressive

Criteria 1 2 3 4 5

Preparedness      /5
Student is completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed.
Evidence of Understanding   /5
Masterfully interprets poem for the audience.
Volume     /5
Volume is loud enough to be heard by all audience members throughout the
Articulation and Pronunciation    /5
Speaks clearly and distinctly (95-100% of the time) and does not mispronounce
Posture and Eye Contact    /5
Stands up straight, shows confidence, establishes eye contact in the room
throughout the presentation
Pace    /5
Very clear, mastery of rhythm and pace, appropriate to the message of the
poem. (“Sing song” is avoided)
Appropriateness of Dramatization    /5
Embodies the poem masterfully, gestures are purposeful and deftly/
beautifully reveal poem’s meaning
Level of Difficulty   /5
Contains multiple elements of challenging content, language and/or length
Overall Performance   /5
Captivating performance – whole equals “more than the sum of the parts”
Adjudicator’s Signature: ____________________


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