Oratory Assignment

Oratory for grade 6

Each grade 6 student will choose a poem to recite for oratory. Each student has 2 copies of the poem. One copy is to stay at home and one is to stay at school. The following deadlines apply.

March 20-25 – choose a poem
April 8 –20 marks- have poem memorized only
April 12- 10 marks – homework check. Parents use the attached adjudication form, practise being judged and scored in all 10 areas. Return adjudication form to school signed.
April 18-50 marks – in classroom oratory competition and presentations of poems to the class – be sure to use lots of expression and appropriate gestures, all grade 6’s participate
April 26-Top 3 winners of the in class competition compete in a school wide competition
May 3 – winners of the school oratory competition go to compete in the CTTCS division wide competition hosted by St. Michael’s School


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