May 6-10

Next week is World Catholic Education Week and our theme is Generosity. As a class we discussed ways we could show generosity within our community and the class decided they would like to raise funds for Shelwin House. We discussed different ways to raise funds and we chose to put on a school garage sale. Each child is asked to bring between 1 and 5 items to put in the garage sale. The sale will take place on Friday, May 10 before school, at recesses and noon and after school until 3:45. The sale will take place in the Commons Area. We will be putting posters up around the school to encourage the students to bring money to purchase an item. No items will be priced higher than $5.00. Some good items to bring to school to sell would be old books, toys, DVD’s, video games or collectible cards. Grade 6f will also be joining us in this sale. Any items left over will be donated to Shelwin House (if they can use it) or to the Salvation Army.

Thank you for your support,

Please get a parent signature in your Spelling Test Booksafter coompleting corrections.
Bring $2 for your mother’s day craft
Track notes are overdue – Track is May 13 for St. Michael’s School
Math practise book is due Monday
Math page 178-179 #1-11 due

Lesson 25 Spelling Test will not be next week but the following week on May 17.

Lesson 25 words

antifreeze, supervise, semifinal, antiseptic, transparent, substitution, antidote, submarine, superficial, subscription, semicircle, counteract, counterattack, semicolon, supersonic, transistor, ultraviolet, transferred, counterfeit, antibodies


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