Click HERE to find out more about all 30 students!

There are 30 students in our grade six class.  Here a some poems that describe a few of them (email me your poems at …

I am Rayray321
I am intelligent and creative
I wonder about the stars
I say that if books didn’t exist life would be hard
I am Rayray321

I am Dancer_Girl
I am intelligent and athletic
I wonder about what happens after you die
I dream about being a wizard
I say if you believe,anything is possible
I am Dancer_Girl

I am Bobbertmermaid
I am funny and energetic
I wonder about what happens after you die
I dream about going to the Olympics
I say nobody can be perfect
I am Bobbertmermaid


I am Luv2Dance
I am funny and an amazing dancer
I wonder about heaven
I say the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want
I am Luv2Dance


31 responses to “Click HERE to find out more about all 30 students!

  1. ipodcrazy

    i love grade six

  2. sthloz1

    Grade 6 is good but not as good as 7. Your closer to high school

  3. sthloz1

    Was grade 6 easier when our moms and dads were at school?

  4. sthloz1

    How long do we have to wait untill “check back here soon…” is gone?

  5. sthloz1

    So we have to look at a picture and make a poem 4 it?

  6. Soccerstar0207

    when are we doing that Mrs.Reed

    • So many great things to do… so little time…

      This will be one of your writing assignments in our café time. I’m not sure when we’ll get to it. I have an exciting writing project that we need to finish before starting this!

  7. goku500

    are we going to a feildtrip some where

  8. goku500

    this year are we gonig on fieldtrip some where

  9. iPodcrazy

    R we? I think we r goin to assissippi

  10. sthloz1

    how often does St. Mikes school go 2 acessippi

    • Mrs. Cottenie

      Grade 6 and 8 get to go to downhill skiing. Grade 7’s go to AMPO and the canoe trip. You have lots to look forward too.

  11. Dancer_Girl

    I think only once maybe twice and lets go on a field trip somewheres like we are going to assissippi and good spirit dunes, where else?

  12. puppielover6

    y would u even write that

  13. puppielover6

    when r the portrait poems going on the blog

  14. rayray321

    mrs.reed can you put on my poem

  15. iPodcrazy

    You have to email it to her when we get then back

  16. Luv2Dance

    Are you posting everyones up? because i sent mine 2 you

  17. sthloz1

    Why does everybody say ”the LORD is my sheperd i shall not want”?You are saying you dont want the LORD. There is more to that verse

    • Let’s talk about your interpretation of “I shall not want” in class, sthloz1, and not on the blog. I removed the last comment you posted because I think a discussion on the subject should take place face to face. I’m happy to see that you are passionate about your faith and look forward to talking about this more.

  18. Luv2Dance

    Seriously if i wrote the whole verse it would be like a paragraph

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